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He did not die, prepare for Madness!

It's simple. Here we have one the most technically skilled animator on Newgrounds, throwing in the sixth movie of the prized and glorified flash animation - Madness. Creating what many have tried to achieve but usually failed, raw violence, without the need of a detailed plot, Madness is a gory blood fest that begins to mess with the mind as you watch them.

Is there more to the twisted violence and overall dull colour scheme than simple action? For what seems like the fourth time our hero has been killed, and has gone after a number of enemies, all of which have past on except for the seemingly invincible clown, is the Madness series coming to a close?

Maybe, but it won't be due to the dieing out of the series, as the most recent incarnation has been a complete blast from start to finish - and the reason why I question the continuation of the series is due to the fact that our hero didn't die for the first time since the original episode. Whether this is due to size restrictions or truly a step in a different direction remains to be seen, but all I can say is that the next episode is certainly looking to be a heart stopper.

For me, Madness Apotheosis was a standing tall winner for the best Madness movie, but it appears that we now have a challenger. Now torn apart to the point that Krinkels is struggling to tear apart any more of our hero's face, the protaginist stands up and persues his enemy, through some simple buildings that I can't say we haven't seen before, but before long, we are viewing a train chase, through carriages, on top of carriages, hell, even falling off carriages, and the action continues. Blood, gore, and limb dismemberment are all apparent, and this time it appears that our hero is in a less relaxed mood than before, and out in an angered frenzy. He's now jumping on fighters, using their heads as weapons, and even, as a final shot, given a small frown of engagement.

It's not hard to see that Madness is an important part in Flash history, and is simply one of the great pioneers in fast action paced motion-tween graphics. Whether the Madness series is soon coming to a close or not, it will not be forgotten any time soon, if ever. Prepare for Madness.

Brilliant idea - Brilliantly executed

This was such a bold idea to what everyone is thinking - whether they know it or not. I myself have wondered what people see in sprite animation of Link, MegaMan, and Mario, and I usually ignore them.

This idea gets across swiftly and cleverly, and is hilarious in the process. The beginning with the Anime made me crack up as I always tell my friend that Animes are always about trying to find some special gem or something - and the hair was a bonus.

Some excellent graphics tied in with some purposelly crap voice work when needed, and excellent voice work needed at other times. The way you attack other flash genres, creators, and styles is great. Keep up the excellent work.


Wow. This is just awesome. First of all I'd like to say excellent work on the first one, but this takes the cake - it was absolutely awesome. And it's not just because of the action, story, things like that - but in the climax of this episode, my heart was really pounding when one of the marines got close to death. It's a talented thing to be able to make people care about your characters - but you've really done it - Excellently. The script writing was fantastic - with all the squabling, and your ability to fit a detailed storyline in a short movie.

If there were any shortcomings, I'd have to say there could be some improvements in the graphics - not all the time of course - sometimes it looked incredible. Also, as much as I enjoyed the accents (I'm aussie), sometimes it seemed a bit odd that everyone had them compared to the real game where everyone had American. Apart from that, absolutely incredible. I'll be looking out for the sequel.

LogFish responds:

Cheers for all that! I'm going to stick with Kiwi Accents now, and blow to everyone who hates them. Not every character in SC has american accents either! (BC for example). I hope you'll enjoy the next one too, sounds like it's going to be difficult to match this one for you :)

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This was a very well made flash movie! Personally, I love Broken Sword and each episode of it. Through your flash, you managed to gain some of the feel from the games, with that mysterious, french/mayan, feel. It was great. I'm glad you invested on the game's music, because frankly, the music just kicks ass. I would probably take time out to improve the graphics a bit, or maybe make your own adventure games, not to do with George Stobbart or his adventures at all.
Overall very good, some nice scripting, just a bit longer, and a bit of work on the graphics. Good Job!

Wow! I can't belive how well this works!

A brand new kind of game that no one has ever thought of! This game is amazing! I can't believe how easy it is to catch onto the game! It's hard, yet fun, and you really have to think about the choices you make! Superb!

Yes this is stolen!

You dirty person, how did you get away with this?! It's from a pretty popular movie maker.

Try here for the real version, that is simply an extra for his popular Star Wars Series Parodies -
It's by RyanSimmons and he creates the StarWarsSpoofs

"The Jedi turned against me, don't you turn against me!" - Anakin Skywalker

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